Queens Road

General Information

This pedestrianised road runs northeast from the High Street, past the main entrance to the Harlequin Centre, then continues, under Beechen Grove, beyond the scope of our survey.

The pavement on the northwest side curves left, leading to the rear of the Harlequin Centre and Charter Place.

See the Public Transport page for details of bus stops in Beechen Grove.

Northwest Side going Northeast

  Gap, entrance in High Street
wall retreats northwest, beside Westgate
various blank doors and fire exits for about 200 metres
wall juts out beneath the Upper Mall
blank double door
entrance to Harlequin Centre, Lower Northeast Passage
Randall's Coffee House

Southeast Side

  main entrance to Harlequin Centre, into Upper Southwest Passage
Monsoon, women's clothes
blank doors, emergency exits from Harlequin
Moist, clothes
Scholl, shoes
Repertoire, clothes
blank doors, emergency exits
Regis Hair Stylists
HSBC cash point
2 Barclays cash points
Tuba Talk Music Company
Abbey National, with 2 cash points

You're now under the upper level

  emergency exits
Games Workshop
Swag, jewellers, entrance in Harlequin
entrance to Harlequin Centre, Lower Northeast Passage
Gordon Scott, shoes, entrance in Harlequin