p align=center>By Terry Robinson B.Sc,

February 2003


This guide describes how the principal shopping areas of Watford can be reached via public transport and indicates the location of all business and public venues we found through our survey of January/February 2003.

Scope of Our Survey

Describe Online has published text guides to:
  Watford Junction Station
Watford High Street Station
Watford Metropolitan Line Station

This guide describes safe routes between each of these stations and the High Street. In doing this we identify public premises on:

Descriptions of the Harlequin Centre and Charter Place (confined to the Lower and Upper Malls) are also provided.

Our survey identified those bus stops within the bus station adjacent to Watford Junction Station, plus:

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  The Road Network
Public Transport
The High Street
Queens Road
The Harlequin Centre
Charter Place
Market Street
Clarendon Road


The information given in this guide is for guidance only and does not of itself improve the safety of individuals using the premises described here. Nor is it intended that the information in our guides constitute a replacement in part or whole for individuals’ existing mobility or navigation aids.

Whilst considerable efforts are made to ensure that our information is correct at the time of writing and is maintained in accordance with instructions from the owners of premises and user feedback, Describe Online accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or ambiguities our guides may contain.

We continually discover new ways in which people interpret, or mis-interpret descriptive text, so we welcome any comments and suggestions you wish to make.

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This guide is sponsored by
The Sylvia Adams Charitable Trust
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to whom we extend our sincere thanks.