Charter Place



Charter Place is effectively F-shaped with entrances to the two arms on the northeast side of the High Street and the spine extending to the northwest. This facility is built on two levels, with the arms of the upper level being shorter than those of the lower.

In this guide, we describe the lower level, following the outside of the "F" then the island between the arms. The upper level will be described sequentially, as the arms of the "F" aren't significant features at this level.

Which Section?

  The Lower Level, Outer
The Lower Level, Inner
The Upper Level

The Lower Level, Outer

As we've progressed northwest from the Harlequin Centre, we'll proceed anti-clockwise around Charter Place, so as to move northwest along the spine.

Southeast Arm, Southeast Side

  HSBC, on the corner of the High Street

There's a post to your left, about two metres away from the wall, in front of you is the memorial stone of the incorporation of Watford Borough, this blocks your way, move left around this.
Note, there are several pillars in this area.

Beyond the memorial, going northeast.
Post, about two metres from the wall
blank wall angles into a recess
fire hydrant
blank door
wall angles out again
2 blank doors
BHS, main entrance in Harlequin, two sets of double doors
blank wall
entrance to BHS, double door, three sets of double doors and double door
Specsavers, opticians
Lunn Poly, travel agents
Sony, entrance both here and in Harlequin
Entrance to Harlequin Centre, Lower Northeast Passage

There are pillars and bins in the recess to the entrance.

Spine of Charter Place, Northeast Side, Going Northwest

Top Shop and Top Man, clothes, pillar in the centre of the entrance recess

The northwest arm of Charter Place leaves opposite Top Shop.

Continuing northwest, along the spine
3 lifts

There's a call button between the first and second, then between the second and third lift, on a rectangular steel plate. Inside the lifts, the buttons are on the door side to your left. The buttons to the car park have raised numbers, whilst the upper level of Charter Place is M1 and the lower level M. To your right, as you enter, is a single alarm/intercom button.

Beyond the lifts, the wall juts out

Watford Market, 3 large entrances separated by blank wall
passage leading northeast towards Beechen Grove

The northwest end of the spine of Charter Place has six steps, in three sections divided by rails, to the northeast of a ramp leading to Woolworths.

The passage to Beechen Grove

Southeast Side
  blank wall to seat
2 entrances to Watford Market

The market is open Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 7 am to 6 pm.

Northwest Side
  wall with fire hydrant
entrance to YMCA
pillar jutting out
walkway to bike park
tiled stall
gents toilets
blank wall
baby changing room
blank wall
disabled persons toilet
blank wall
ladies toilets
tiled stall
walkway to car park
blank wall
blank wall
entrance to car park
staircase up, northeast


The Lower Level, Inner

The island between the two arms of Charter Place

Southeast Arm, Northwest Side
  Goldsmiths, on the corner of the High Street

The corner is cut off at an angle, there's a pillar where the true corner is.

  JJB Sports, main entrance on High Street

The wall veers left to become the West Side

  QS, clothes
wall retreats west
Hi-Fi City
South Side
  The Orange Shop, mobiles
Claire's Accessories
Warren James, jewellers

The wall veers left again to become the Southeast Side (of the Northwest Arm)

  Network News, news agent
double blank door
Art, picture gallery
All-Sports, entrances in Charter Place and High Street

Northwest Arm, Northwest Side, Going Northeast from the High Street

  Burger King, entrances in Charter Place and High Street
double blank door
The Real Sports Shop
wall retreats, to Watford Women's Centre Creche

Spine of Charter Place

Southwest Side, Going Northwest
  windows of the Women's Centre
The Potato Oven, Hansons of Watford, opposite the lifts
Wenzel's The Bakers
passage leading to rear of Bon Marche
Timpson, key cutting etc.
passage to rear of Bon Marche, surrounds Timpson's
Lifestyle of London, entrance in passage
ramp to Woolworths going up northwest.


The Upper Level

A set of stairs is located in the middle of the southeast arm of Charter Place between QS and BHS. Go up 12 then 12 steps, going southwest to the Upper Level.

Note, you can walk underneath these stairs and beware the pillars around this space.

The upper level has a similar shape to the lower, but the arms are shorter.

Southeast Arm

Southeast Side
  BHS, emergency exits from BHS, no entrance on this level
La Brioche Doree, entrance here and in Harlequin
Harlequin entrance doors, pillars and notice board in entrance recess

Upper Level Spine

Northeast Side
Top Shop, Top Man
Carpenter's Cargo Home Shop
steps up, northwest to car park

Avoiding the stairs, you can walk underneath these steps from the northwest.
Continuing northwest

  blank door
Yummy, Chinese restaurant
entrance to Watford Market
blank wall
entrance to YMCA
blank door
stairs up northeast to car park
pillar jutting out beyond stair well
rail on right to end

Northwest End

  Watford Women's Centre
blank door in west corner

Southwest Side, Going Southeast

  emergency exits from Lifestyle of London
Andrea of Wembly, beauty and hair
Olan Mills, photography
Styleast, men's clothes

We're now above the northwest arm, on the northwest side going southwest

  entrance to Styleast
wall juts out
Southwest Side
  blank wall
Northwest Side
  entrance to The Real Sports Shop
Southwest End
  rail across
stairs leading up to a flat
Continuing, Southeast, along the Southwest Side of the Spine
  Browns & Co, clothes
Kids Styleast, clothes, closing
Wall Retreats Southwest
Northwest Side
  Kids Styleast
Artique, art gallery
Wall juts out again
Southwest Side
  Harvey Johns The Toy Shop

Southeast Arm

Northwest Side
  blank wall
Wall retreats northwest
Northeast Side
Northwest Side
  blank to end rail
Southwest End
  rail, opposite stairs from lower level

In front of the Harlequin entrance is a seating area consisting of two round flower beds surrounded by seats, between these seats are children's play areas. This whole feature is surrounded by tactile flooring. To the northwest of this, opposite the entrance to Top Shop and Top Man are escalators to level 1, the up escalator is to your left, there are stairs between these escalators. These go up at an angle to the shop fronts, going up west.

The escalator from the lower level brings you opposite the corner of The Real Sports Shop.

There are steps between these escalators, you go up 12 then 11.