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At 6 April 2018, we will have been producing text guides to public venues for 18 years and are now looking to increase the scope of this service through enrolling others in this work.

We believe the models for online text guides to transport and other public venues, including town and city centres, have been established to a point at which we can enable others to take part in this venture.

Could You Join Us?

We're looking for people who have a good understanding of the way finding needs of blind or vision impaired people, have an accurate sense of direction and good written communication skills.

Those wishing to join us would do so as self employed associates who would obtain their own funding. Describe Online could provide initial training, we believe there are sources of funding for this. Although we expect the owners of public venues to fund improvements to the accessibility of their premises, it may be necessary to obtain some commercial sponsorship. so We allow text guides to include some advertisement and publicity material. Publication of such material would not constitute endorsement of any product or service by Describe Online, nor would we accept responsibility for any claim made.

What We Need

We would expect associates to provide material in line with our current standards and practices. We have published a manual for producing guides to rail stations. Our site also contains examples of guides to town centres and other public venues. Each associate would be responsible for the information submitted to Describe Online, we would therefore need each guide to include the name and email address of the author in the first page of their guide.

We would charge a very small fee to cover the cost of publishing and maintaining your material on our site.

All material should be submitted in electronic format via email, ideally as HTML documents coded in line with our current standards and practices, though text and Word documents can be accepted subject to discussion and agreement.

Describe Online assumes the right to refuse a contribution if it seems unsuitable for inclusion in our site.

Contact Us!

If you'd like to discuss this possibility further,please email:
or telephone +44 (0) 1223 968796.

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