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May 2006



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Contact Details

Home address: 82 Albert Rd.
G42 8DR
Telephone: Office: 0141 423 2683
Mobile: 07771 610 002

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Employment History

November 1999 - Present:

Self employed - trading as Describe Online,

an Information Provider
Providing accessible information regarding public transport, civic and business premises
See Port Folio for Details.

Writing websites:
E.G. The National Federation of the Blind of the UK.

Web usability consultancy for Abilitynet and the Usability Exchange
Assisting research projects at the universities of York, Glasgow and City University.

Our site offers a self employment opportunity for other blind/vision impaired people, through producing text guides.

Fundamental to the success of this venture is a web site which is accessible to all who can benefit from the information it contains.

I am fully aware of the legal requirements and business case for making web sites accessible to as many people as possible. This, together with my experience of engineering and software design enables me to assess the accessibility and usability of others' web sites and facilitate improvements.

My work as a sole trader and continued involvement in professional bodies and committees gives evidence of my communication and advocacy skills. Being blind myself, I am concious of the needs of blind/vision impaired people for accessible and usable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems. My engineering background also gives me a sound understanding of the capabilities and limitations of current and future technologies and hence, a clear understanding of what is practicable and reasonable

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March 1991 - October 1999:

GEC Marconi Defence Systems Ltd.
The Grove
June 1992 - October 1999




This role provided an excellent opportunity to combine my communications, organisational and technical skills to further the Company's TQM programme.

I assumed a major role in delivering training, consulting on business process mapping and improvement. As the executive secretary of the TQM Steering Team, I was instrumental in formulating and carrying out the policies of this body.

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March 1991 - June 1992




In pursuit of my interest in Independent Testing, I assumed responsibility for validating Software Requirement and Design Specifications for clarity, consistency and conformity to customer requirements. This involved frequent conversations with staff from other departments to resolve errors, ambiguities and voids. Although I produced Test Plans and Specifications for the project, work was suspended before the software was finished.

During this time I also fulfilled a major role in revising standards and procedures for the lifecycle of Engineering Software produced by the department.

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March 1990 - March 1991:

Marconi Underwater Systems Ltd.,
Croxley Green, Herts.



My principal role was to co-ordinate the ongoing development of Torpedo Simulator systems - ensuring effective communications amongst all involved in the work and monitoring/expediting progress. I continued this till closure of the Croxley site in March 1991.

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January 1989 - March 1990:

GEC Avionics Ltd.
26-28 Hydeway
Welwyn Garden City
Herts. AL7 3BD



I supervised a team of engineers developing sonar array simulation equipments. The software component of these systems comprised a PC-based MMI written in C and a Transputer-based control system written in OCCAM. The software was produced employing the Yourdon Methodology.

My role included:

  1. Estimating timescales and updating project networks; monitoring and reporting progress; helping team members to solve technical and logistic problems; reviewing design specifications.
  2. Provided the software estimate for bid proposals. This required estimating the cost of modifying the software of an existing sonar simulator to interface with other sonar signal processing equipment.
  3. Independent test team - I was appointed to establish and lead this activity shortly before the announcement of the transfer of business to Croxley Green. By this time, my proposals for the role of this team had been approved by Management.

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1979 - 89

Cossor Electronics Ltd.
The Pinnacles
CM19 5BB

1979 - 81:




I designed and wrote software, in TMS9900 assembly language, for several telemetry systems. In particular, I produced the entire software component of the Operators' Consoles which were installed at Northeastern Gas, Leeds.

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1981 - 86:




I produced the software component of several products incorporating RCA 1802, Intel 8051, etc. microprocessors. I was also the "software advisor" for feasibility studies investigating several Intel 8086-based systems intended for military use.

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1986 - 89:




I was the "Systems Manager" (software) providing system support to two VAX 11/780s running the VMS operating system.

During this time, I also produced a PROM Programming Facility, in MACRO­32, which was used by engineers at Cossor.

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1973 - 79:

STL Ltd.
London Road

1973 - 75:




I contributed to a variety of projects relating to the replacement of relay logic in telephone exchanges by electronic circuitry.

During this time, I developed several, binary, programs, for a "Boolean Processor", which simulated various items of relay logic and signaling protocols.

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1975 - 79:




I designed and wrote many programs, in IBM assembly language, which formed an essential part of the Rack Wiring and Cable Runout List systems for TXE4 exchanges.

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1970 - 73:

University of Manchester
Institute of Science and Technology.

B.Sc. (Hons.) 2/1 Electronics


The School for Social Entrepreneurs
18 Victoria Park Square
Bethnal Green

A student with the National Programme 2001

Apart from participating in the scheduled study periods, I'm pursuing my project, to improve and market the services offered by my business. In particular, I've produced a text guide to the School building which will increase the accessibility of this venue to future visitors and students.

1962 - 70:

College for the Blind

A levels:

Physics, Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics


Use of English

O levels:

Physics, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics,
English Language, English Literature, Scripture,
French, German, Latin,
Geography, History, General Studies.

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Professional Organisations and Committees

1973 to date:

British Computer Association of the Blind

I was elected to the committee in 1984 and chaired the Association from 1985 to 1988. I have also represented the Association at several conferences in UK and Europe, to both increase awareness of the potential of vision impaired people in IT and contribute to the development of special aids for the Blind.

From 1995 to 2004, I co-edited the Association's quarterly newsletter.

2001 to date:

Royal National Institute of the Blind

I was elected to the Executive Council and now serve on the Assembly and Board of RNIB, being elected to the latter in March 2005. I also serve on the Access and Innovation Group (AIG), formerly the Technical and Consumer Services (TCS) committee. This requires in-depth understanding of technological developments and their implications for blind/vision impaired people.

In this capacity, I represented RNIB on the Chip and PIN Stakeholders Forum, where I was often required to press the case for accessibility/usability of terminal equipment and other systems to technical and non-technical people.

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Other Activities

Amateur Radio:

I have held a class A licence since 1967 and have been a member of the First Class CW Operators Club, which comprises 500 of the best amateur Morse Code operators worldwide, since 1972. I was president of this organisation for the year - 2001 - 2.

I have chaired several amateur radio clubs and played a leading role in many outdoor group activities, not only operating the station(s), but also planning the events plus maintaining and erecting the equipment.

Amateur Dramatics:

I have played a variety of major roles, ranging from "Frankenstein's Creature" to Sir William Boothroyd in "Lloyd George Knew My Father". I chaired the group from 1991 - 1994 and produced our newsletter during this time.

Beer and Winemaking:

I pursued this hobby for many years, making a variety of wines and beers, mostly using natural ingredients as opposed to kits. I have won prizes in several local competitions.


In addition to several holidays abroad, I undertook a solo tour of Sri Lanka in 1986 and was one of the first two totally blind people who successfully climbed Gunung Tahan (the highest mountain in peninsular Malaysia) in 1988. I also reached the summit of Killimanjaro in July 1994, raising over £1700 for charity.


I fulfill an ongoing programme of tasks ranging from trivial repairs to built-in wardrobes, etc.

Other hobbies include: music (listening only), swimming, walking and physical training.

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