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This guide explains how to reach the Centre for Sensory Impaired People (CSIP) (the Centre), 17 Gullane Street, via public transport and describes the layout of the public areas of the building.

Note that these are restricted to the ground floor. Those wishing to visit "Insight Radio", "Playback" or the Transcription Service, may do so by arrangement with staff, who will escort you from Reception.

The layout of each major facility within the building is described in detail. The final section of the guide provides a list of rooms and facilities within the Centre, links from each entry provide directions from/to Reception or the side entrance.

The Guide

  Outside the Building
How to Reach the Centre
The Ground Floor
The Reception Area
The Resource Centre
Cafe Tiki
The Learning and Development Centre
How to Reach Partick Rail and Bus stations
List of Rooms and Facilities

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