Level -1, the Mezzanine Level


This is between the Ground Floor and the Cromdale Hall. There is some seating at this level, though it is not a major part of the Centre.

To Reach

This level can be reached via the Main (VIP) Lift, escalator, or via the Main Stairs.

Via the Main Stairs

From Level 0

You go down eight steps, going west. Turn right (180 degrees, east) then go down ten then six steps, going east, to Level -1.

From Level -2

You go up 11 then 11 steps, going east to Level -1.


East Wall, Going North

  blank wall
blank door

North Side, Going West

  barrier leading west
barrier veers slightly left
pillar, just under half a metre from the barrier, opposite the recess

This space is sometimes occupied by furniture. The barrier turns left (south then right again (west) to the area at the top of the escalator from Level -2.

South Side, Going West

blank wall
stairs, the down steps are south of the up
blank wall
wall retreats behind small pillar to area at bottom of escalator to Level 0
projection, about two metres west of bottom of escalator to Level 0
wall retreats to area at the top of the escalator to Level -2

The Area at the Top of the Escalator from Level -2

North Side

  wall with door towards Main (VIP) Lift

West Wall, Going South

  fire extinguisher
leaflet rack juts out

South Side, Going East

  wooden counter
wall juts out then retreats
top of escalator, down east


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