Edinburgh International Conference Centre


This guide explains how to reach the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) (the Centre), via public transport and describes the layout of the public areas of the building.

The layout of each major facility within the building is described in detail. The final section of the guide provides a list of rooms and facilities within the Centre, links from each entry provide directions from/to the Concierge Desk or the stairs, lift or escalator at the appropriate level.

The building is circular. The outer circle of the building is multi-storey, whilst the centre has a double height ceiling from the ground floor and is single storey.

Please note that due to the nature of the business the furniture and fixtures can vary from one event to another, in particular planters, low level coffee tables and soft furniture.

The Main (VIP) Lift, Main Stairs and the escalators are on the south side of the building. A curved passage runs round the north side of the building at levels 0, 1 and 3. The passage at levels 1 and 3 is blocked on the north side, by staff areas. In addition, there are four cores containing fire exit steps, we understand these are referred to as follows:

Note that there are two additional fire exits at Level 0:

Note that the Lonond Foyer exit may be used as an additional step-free entrance by special arrangement with staff.

There are six levels within the Centre:

The Guide

  Outside the Building
How to Reach the Centre
Level 0, the Ground Floor
Level 1, The Breakout Rooms
Level 3, the Auditoria
Level -1, the Mezzannine Level
Level -2, the Cromdale Hall
The Main (VIP) Lift
The Escalators
The Main Stairs
The Fire Exits
How to Reach Local Transport
List of Rooms and Facilities

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