List of Rooms and Facilities


This section lists the public rooms and facilities available within the Centre. Where appropriate, we've listed these level-by-level. Note that Level -1 is the mezzannine level for which we report no specific facilities, see the Level -1 page for details. Similarly, the only section at Level 2 which is available to the public is the landing between the escalators between levels 1 and 3.

Facilities including toilets, lifts, escalators and stairs are listed separately.

Level -2

The Cromdale Hall

Level 0, Ground Floor

In the Strathblane Hall

The Concierge Desk
The Delegates Registration Area
The Cloak Room
The Business and Media Centre

The Lomond Suite

The Kilsyth Room
The Moorfoot Room
The Tinto Room

Level 1, the Break Out Rooms

The Carrick Suite
The Harris Suite
The Ochil Suite

Level 3, the Auditoria

The Main, Pentland Auditorium
The Fintry Auditorium The Sidlaw Auditorium

General Facilities

The Main (VIP) Lift
The Main Stairs
Toilets and Baby Changing
Fire Exits


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