The Escalators


There are five, single escalators available to the Public. The direction of these is controlled by staff, according to demand. Staff are available at the top and bottom of each moving escalator to assist if necessary.


The escalators are on the south side of the building, to your left, beyond the Concierge Desk, as you come in through the Main Entrance. Details of the escalator well at each level are included in the description of that level.

This page merely describes the escalators between levels.

The Escalators

From Level -2

You go up, west, to Level -1.

From Level -1

This escalator lies above the one from Level -2. You go up, west, to Level 0.

From Level 0

This escalator is before (north of) the escalator from Level -1. You go up, east, to Level 1.

From Level 1

This includes two escalators. The first escalator is beyond (south of) the escalator from Level 0.

You go up, west, from Level 1 to the intermediate landing. This is a semi-circular area with planters, turn right (180 degrees, east), avoiding the planter to your right, and go up the escalator going east to Level 3.


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