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The Centre is on the north side of Morrison Street (east/west) between Dewar Place (north) to the west and Semple Street (north/south) some distance to the east. The Western Approach Road, along the west side of the Centre Building is at a lower level and does not concern us here.

Conference Square is immediately north of the Centre Building, this is bounded to the west and north by an office block. The Sheraton Hotel is on the northeast corner of Conference Square.

The Centre is being extended to the east. Ladyfield Walk (north) leads from Morrison Street, between the existing building and the Expanded Facility, into Conference Square. Note that this will not be available until the Expanded Facility is complete.

Lothian Road (north/south) lies a few metres east of Semple Street. This includes the major bus stops near the Centre.

Note that the Centre is a few minutes walk (east) from Haymarket Station. Note, however, that there is extensive development work in progress at Haymarket Station, tram-related development along Morrison Street and the development surrounding the Expanded Facility of the Centre. As a result, detailed walking routes to/from the Centre may vary as these works proceed.

See the How to Reach the Centre page for details.

Around the Centre Building

This information will be provided following completion of the Expanded Facility, scheduled for May 2013.

Entrances and Exits

The Main Entrance

The Main Entrance is on the north side of Morrison Street. There's a canopy outside this entrance. The entrance consists of two revolving doors, with an access door to your left (west) of these as you approach the Centre. The access door is opened by a push button to your right (east) of the door. Note that this door will open automatically as you leave the Centre.

The Lothian Foyer Entrance

This is normally an emergency exit at ground floor level into Conference Square. This may be made available as an alternative entrance for delegates taking the accessible route from the Sheraton Hotel. See the How to Reach the Centre page for details.

Emergency Exits

There are five other emergency exits from the building, see the Fire Exits page for details.


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