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Our thanks go to Dave Taylor for the following information. We'll update the Environs section of this guide when the work is complete.

2 August 2014

I would, frankly, advise all but the most confident to avoid the area outside the station for now, and use taxis to and from the station. The whole of Fishergate is at a standstill much of the time, so even this will be a slow process, and in September, the main entrance is closing for refurbishment, so the taxis will move back to their former location on Buttler Street, and everybody will have to use the entrances onto Buttler Street until further notice. Best access to most of the city centre would now be to use the Fishergate shopping centre. When the work is finished, the main entrance will re-open, and I think Buttler Street will close as they will be putting in a pavement on its South side.

There is still a lot of work in the road itself in Fishergate, and nowhere to cross it at all near the station right now, but hopefully, there will be somewhere with tactile paving, though no controls, to cross it in the end.

28 July 2014

The bus stops that were located outside Primark and the Fishergate Shopping Centre will be relocated to the Railway Station Bridge from Monday 28th July. This is a permanent move and will help create a transport hub for people coming into or leaving Preston and make it easier for those wanting to use the bus and train as part of their journey. All new bus stops are on the Railway Station bridge and there have been some changes to which services use which stops. The new arrangements are:

1 April 2014

Fishergate, the main road outside the front of the station, is being made shared surface. This starts at the crossing on the railway bridge by Pit Street and extends all the way into town. It means that the lights at the very busy junction of Fishergate, Corporation Street and Butler Street, have been removed. So-called courtesy crossings will be provided, but they will not be marked in any other way than having dropped kerbs. It appears that the tactile paving will not even extend out across the pavement to form an L shape, but merely be two strips at the dropped kerb, meaning we must trail the kerb to find it. When we get to the crossing, there is nothing to compel vehicles to stop, no Zebra or anything, it is simply a shared surface.

At this time, there is a lot of work in the whole area, and I would suggest avoiding it at all costs. The best way to access Preston, from the station, is to use the Butler Street entrance, cross to the Fishergate centre as the road there is pretty quiet, and go through the shopping centre. Even so, when exiting onto Fishergate, you will still encounter barriers everywhere. This work is set to continue until September.

By the end of September, bus stops outside the Fishergate Centre, A, B and C, will have been closed, and replaced by adding a further two stops outside the station. Two of these stops will have space for two buses, meaning a bus can legitimately pull in at the stop without us being able to hear it. The existing stop outside the station is closed during the works, and people are asked to use stops A, B and C instead. There will be no safe way to access the stop opposite the station. I will update as and when there is anything worth reporting.

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  Blackpool South - Colne
Euston - Glasgow Central
Liverpool Lime Street - Blackpool North
Ormskirk - Preston
Preston - Buxton
Preston - Hebden Bridge

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Author Terry Robinson
Surveyed 15 February 2007.
Updated April 2011, to include Tensa queuing system in concourse and tactile paving on platforms 1 - 6.


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