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This station is being redeveloped.

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to keep track of the development as it takes place, so we're removing this guide from our site, pending future developments.

We hope to be able to publish and updated version of the guide in due course.

You may be able to get an up-to-date tactile map, see below.

Tactile Map Available

To purchase a tactile map to complement this text guide, please visit Valleys WordWorks, today.

Lines Served

  Birmingham New Street - Rugeley Trent Valley
Birmingham New Street - Solihull
Birmingham New Street - Stansted Airport
Bristol Temple Meads - York via Leeds
Cardiff Central - Nottingham
Midland Metro, Grand Central - Wolverhampton St George's
Reading - Crewe
Redditch - Lichfield Trent Valley
Watford Junction - Stafford via Birmingham New Street
Worcester Foregate Street - Birmingham New Street

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