The ROUTE TO Platforms 13 and 14

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At the top of the walkways is a slope up leading to the Link Bridge Lounge. This is a rectangular waiting area with:

Going Clockwise from the Top of the Walkway

North Side

  glass barrier with plant pots
electronic information point, touch screen
WH Smith, departure screens above
scrolling display for platforms 13 and 14 departures, overhead
bridge to left

East Side

  slightly offset north is entrance to passage towards platform 13
movable trolley, information and ticket sales
continuing into recess for platform 14

South Side

  recess for platform 14

The Recess for Platform 14

East Side
South End
  blank wall
West Side, Going North
  double staircase separated by rail down west to platform 14
blank wall back to waiting area

Continuing South Side, Beyond the Recess

  Costa Coffee, screened off area with tables and chairs, opposite WH Smith
in middle of space, 3 rows of benches facing departures display
beyond these in middle, are potted trees, then four benches, slightly facing southwest, towards Costa Coffee
Costa Coffee curves left towards accessible lift at south side of this area, enter the lift facing east

West Side, Going North from lift

  2 phones
wall curves left
toilets, common entrance, 20p entrance, bear right from turnstile, then left to gents, right again to ladies
keypad information point
downward walkway
digital clock, overhead
upward walkway

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