Platforms 13 and 14

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This island platform lies outside the original limits of the station.

Each platform has its own entrance. The entrance to platform 13 is some distance east of that for platform 14.

Platform 13 is reached by the designated entrance toward the east and it's likely that trains stop adjacent to this. The west section of platform 13, beyond the entrance to platform 14 is designated 13B.

To Reach Platform 13

From the east side of the waiting area, go over a slight ridge in the floor into a passage with glass walls each side. At the end of this passage is the escalator and steps. The up escalator is to your right (south) of the steps.

Cross the tactile paving at the top of the steps and go down 13 then 13 steps, going east, onto the platform.

To Reach Platform 14

From the waiting area, go down 14 then 14 steps, going west, onto the platform. This is a double set of steps divided by a central rail, no escalator.

Platforms 13B and 14 From The West End

All features are in the middle of the island platform.

  pillars with information boards
waiting room, ramp up with hand rails from west side
phone boxes on east side of waiting room
twin faced digital clock overhead in middle
trolley point underneath clock
3 train departure screens facing east
pillars with billboards to each side of screens
steps from platform 14 going up east
customer service office, entrance in east side
lift in middle facing west
pillars with boxes
blank wall
stairs and escalator serving platform 13 down east
now on platform 13
partition along middle
hot drinks vending machine
chocolate vending machine
cold drinks vending machine
departure screen overhead facing steps
pillar with billboards to left
2 phone boxes beyond end of partition
waiting room and buffet with ramped entrance in west side
entrance to buffet, up step platform 13 and 14
open area
trolley point and 2 departure screens
partitions with timetables etc
digital clock overhead
covered area ends
another lower ceiling area starts with departure screen
end of platform

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