Platforms 10 and 11

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Platform 10 and 11 is a wide island, which is at least twice the width of the others.

The walkways towards platforms 13 and 14 occupy the middle of the island, whilst platform 11 extends back (west) beyond platform 10.

There is good tactile paving inside each edge of the island platform.

Going East from the barrier to platform 10.

There are seats and palm trees along the middle of the platform.

  vacant shop after about 40 metres
Left Luggage Office
after some distance, steps to bridge

Going East from the barrier towards platforms 13 and 14

  seating area to left (north)
departure screen, overhead
airport information screen, to left
moving walkway towards platforms 13 and 14

There are two moving walkways, take the left-hand one. At the end of the walkway, you're still on platform level with the vacant shop to your left just before Left Luggage. To your left, 11 o'clock is hotel bookings, with Travelex bureau de change to your right (south) of this. The entrance to Left Luggage is on platform 10.

Continue (east) to the moving walkways onto the bridge.

Going East From the Barrier to Platform 11

Platform 11 starts west of lower numbered platforms.

  departure screen, overhead
glass wall to left
pillar with information
row of posts beside the moving walkway
information posters
benches between posts

A grill prevents you from walking under the upwards walkways. There's a trolley point beyond the grill.

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