The Concourse, Upper Level

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This comprises the upper level of the boat-shaped island plus facilities around the west and north walls of the station. These two sections are joined by three bridges.

To Reach

The upper level can be reached via steps, escalator or lift.

Via Steps

There are three sets of steps between the platform and upper levels; one at each end of the island and the other from the north side of the concourse, between Burger King and the Pasty Shop.

The steps to the upper level of the island are at each end, you go up 12 then 12 steps, either north or south.

The steps to the north side of the upper level, you go up 14 steps, going north then 10 west.

Via Escalator

There's an escalator at each end (north and south) of the island, beside the steps. At the time of our survey, these were both going up.

By Lift

There are three lifts serving the upper level. Two are towards the south end of the concourse, also serving level 0 (Fairfield Street) whilst the one on the north side, merely serves the platform and upper level concourse.

See the Lifts page for more details.

The Island

As you reach the top of the escalator or steps nearer the main entrance (north), to your left, east is Cafe Ritazza, seating 9 o'clock service counter 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock.

Leading south from here is a walkway with chrome and glass barrier to your right which curves slowly left following the line of the island. The barrier juts in from time to time, around pillars and there are gaps leading onto bridges to the other section of this upper level.

Following the Walkway, on the Left-hand Side

  blank door
recess with 2 blank doors
diagonally left, 10 o'clock from here is KFC
open waiting area beyond

At the pointed (south) end, you're above Accessorise, opposite the entrance to platforms 13 and 14.

As you continue round to your left, you pass seating and tables against the barrier. This seating area merges with that of Cafe Ritazza.

Three bridges span the corridor between the island and the west section of the upper level. Turning right from the top of the escalator or stairs nearest the main entrance, the bridge has a chrome and glass barrier on each side. At the end of this was a building site at the time of our survey.

The Outer Sections

The West Section, Going South

The barrier juts in from time to time, around pillars, there are gaps leading to bridges onto the island.

  blank door
bridge back to blank door beyond Cafe Ritazza
pillar on left, then pillar in middle of walkway which now opens out into bigger space
The Reef Cafe Bar, counter is semi-circular, curving away to right
seating area, separated from walkway by wooden barrier
small tables and chairs by metal barrier on walkway
bridge towards KFC serving area

In front of you, at this point are the up escalator and steps down south.

The narrower walkway continues south, past two staff doors, a disabled persons toilet, the two lifts from the platform level concourse and a fire exit.

The North Section

This section contains Yates's Wine Lodge. Turn right from the west end of the bridge near the top of the up escalator at the north end of the island. Continue past two pillars in the middle of the walkway. You're now above the station entrance, there's a barrier to your right. This is a wide area, continuing north, past tables and chairs on your left, straight to the entrance of Yates's.

Turn right east, passing tables and chairs, against the barrier. There are three entrances to Yates's, the first two go into the seating area, enter via the third and bear left to reach the bar.

Continuing East, Beyond Yates's

  BT pay phone
entrance to first class lounge

East End

  steps down to lower level
lift from lower level

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