The Concourse, Platform Level

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The platform level concourse (level 2) is roughly triangular in shape, with the platforms leaving from the east side. The north and west sides are occupied by shops and other essential facilities. The main entrance is in the northwest corner, whilst that from the long stay car park brings you into the northeast corner of the concourse, beside the gate towards platform 1. The steps and escalators to the Metro Link (level 1) are towards the south end.

A boat-shaped island containing the booking office and shops is located towards the west side of the concourse, leaving a corridor between it and the shops along the outer wall.

Going Clockwise from the Northeast Corner

East Side

  gates to platform 1
gates to platforms 2 and 3, one for each
gates to platforms 4 and 5, one for each
gates to platforms 6 and 7, one for each
gates to platforms 8 and 9, one for each
gate to platform 10, single gate
gate to platforms 13 and 14, single gate

The Wall Juts Out West

Platforms 11 and 12 extend further west into the concourse.

South Side

Continuing East Side, Beyond the Gate to Platforms 13 and 14

  gate to platform 11, single gate
gate to platform 12, single gate

South Side

  kiosk, closed at time of survey

West Side

  2 lifts
pillar on right
3 pay phones
disabled persons toilet
toilets - ladies and gents
change machine

Wall Juts Out

North Side
  steps up north to upper level
escalator up north to upper level

Continuing North, on West Side, Beyond the Escalator

  cash machines, Lincolnshire, Lloyds TSB, Natwest, and Natwest
Sainsbury's Local

We now enter the corridor between the outer wall of the concourse and the island of shops. The corridor has shops on each side with benches and pot plants along the middle.

West Side, Going North

  HMV Records
Van Heusen
blank door
Starbucks, tables and chairs outside
WH Smith

North Side of Concourse

  main entrance

The Main Entrance

There's a pillar to each side of the doors, you leave facing north. Turn left and go through two sets of automatic sliding doors facing west. The inside ones were open at the time of our survey. There's tactile matting between these sets of doors which lead out west onto Station Approach.

Continuing North Side, Going East from the Main Entrance

Dr and Herbs
Bigshots, amusement arcade
Burger King
small lift up to upper level
stairs up, jutting south going up north, tactile at foot
barrier jutting out
Pasty Shop, counter in wall drinks cabinet and tables outside
Virgin Information Point, having come back round tables, counter curves left
small seating area
Fastticket machine, credit cards

Wall Juts Out

East Side

Continuing on North Side

  doors towards long stay car park and Station Reception

The Exit Towards the Long Stay Car Park

South Side
  sliding doors from concourse
West Side
  car park payment point
Station Reception
metal rail juts out
Trade Reception
North Side
  doors to long stay car park
East Side
  pot plant

The Island, Going Clockwise from the South Tip

East Side of Corridor, Going North

  Accessorise, opposite Sainsbury's
Vodafone, opposite HMV
2 photo booths
blank door
Vacant, opposite Knickerbox
Bagel Factory
column with BT pay and internet phones, opposite Starbucks
photo print point
column with BT pay and internet phones
2 Fastticket machines
Millie's Cookies, opposite Boots

Opposite WH Smith, the Island curves round to the right, through north then east, becoming the west wall of the concourse space.

North Side, from Millie's Cookies

  stairs to upper level, with tactile at foot, up south
escalator up
5 Fastticket machines
advance bookings, queue round Tensa barriers, various information boards in entrance
wall curves right
same day bookings, queue round Tensa barriers, various information boards in entrance
electronic information points with keyboard and screen
Fastticket machine
2 ticket machines, self service
blank door

East Side of the Island, Going South

There's a row of pillars on your left supporting the balcony of the upper level.

  Orange Shop
wall curves right
Upper Crust with plants and tables outside
blank door
accessible Lift to Metro

Note that the island comes to a sharp point at the south end.

Within the Concourse

as you come in via the main entrance, the steps and escalator to the upper level are in front of you. Bear left, into the main area of the concourse, past the booking offices to your right. There are two departure screens and an information desk (with no-one there at the time of our survey).

Continuing East

  Tie Rack, stall
large, triangular information point in middle of concourse with departure screens above desk on west side, posters on other two sides

We're opposite platform 3. To your left is the Virgin Information desk and exit to car park. There are pot plants dotted about within the rest of the concourse space.

The following orientation tips are offered:

Between platforms 10 and accessorise are escalators left down, stairs, then up escalator to the Metro Link (level 1) going down south. There's a glass and tiled barrier with benches round the escalator and stairwell.

Hybrid Florist, is south of the stairwell, opposite the entrance to platforms 13 and 14, whilst the escalators and stairs to the upper level are opposite platforms 11 and 12.

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