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The Fairfield Street level 0 comprises the arrivals and departures platforms for the Metro Link service plus a concourse serving the entrances from the forecourt.

The Metro Link Departures Platform

To Reach

By Lift from Level 1

As you come out of the lift at level 0, to your right is the Metro Link departures platform to all destinations, you're near the front of the train.

Turning left, 10 o'clock from the lift, you reach the concourse at level 0

Via Escalator and Stairs

The escalator and stairs come down onto the platform just east of the lift in a recess which is a short corridor which turns left (north) towards the platform. There are two pay phones to your left, beyond the foot of the steps.

Straight ahead (east) from the escalator is an emergency exit.

If using the steps, you go down 11 then 11 steps, going east into this corridor. Note that there's no tactile paving at either top or bottom of these steps.

The Departures Platform, From the East End

There's no tactile paving near the edge.

Off the east end is the way out to Fairfield Street, continue to the end then turn right into the forecourt.

  trolley point
seats set into wall
entrance from escalator and stairs
2 ticket machines
west end of platform
entrance from lift

Note that the ticket machines were not usable by blind people, at the time of our survey. You need a valid ticket to travel, otherwise you may be fined 10 or 20.

The Metro Link Arrivals Platform

To Leave

By Lift

Continue, beyond the rear of the train and locate the lift in front of you. This accessible lift gives access to levels 1 (the bridge over the Metro Link tracks) and 2 (the platform level concourse).

Visit the Lifts Page for more details.

By Steps

Go towards the rear of the train and enter a recess at the foot of the steps up to level 1. You go up 11 then 11 steps, going west.

There's an emergency exit into a car park to your right at the foot of these steps and a blank door behind you. Note that there's no tactile paving at either the top or bottom of these steps.

By Escalator

The escalator leaves from a recess before the rear of the train. You go up (west) onto the bridge over the Metro Link tracks. You'll need to bear left, round the stairwell in front of you.

The Metro Link Arrivals Platform, From the East End

Off the east end is an entrance/exit into Fairfield Street. There's no tactile paving along the edge of this platform.

  empty trolley point
emergency exit into car park
recess to up escalator
ticket machine
recess to steps up to level 1
into passage
accessible lift to levels 1 and 2, at west end
door into passage to London Road, on south side, just before lift

The Level 0 Concourse


This is an irregular shape with the two exits to the forecourt on the south, the lifts and London Road exit on the west and a wall along the northeast side leading to the entrance onto the departures platform of the Metrolink, next to the lift.

The foot of the escalators and steps from Level 1 is within this space.

To Reach

By Steps from Level 1

Go down (south) 11 then 11 steps, there's tactile paving before the top and bottom.

Via Escalator from Level 1

Take the left-hand of two escalators, down (southeast)

Via lifts

You can use either of the lifts in the southwest corner of the platform level concourse, opposite platform 12. These bring you just inside the west entrance from the forecourt.

Going Clockwise from the London Road Exit

Northeast Side

  steps to blank door
blank wall, underneath steps and escalators from Level 1
pillar with departures screens (edge of level 1), about 4 metres from wall
pillar with information point, about 4 metres from wall
entrance to departures platform, by the lift

South Side

  glass wall, curving from east side
pillar, about 2 metres into the space
doors, with tactile matting, 1 o'clock from the escalator
pillar, about 2 metres into the space
doors with tactile matting, opposite steps

West Side

  chocolate vending machine
soft drink vending machine
two lifts from the platform level concourse
London Road exit, automatic glass doors opening outwards

The Foot of the Steps and Escalators

North Side

blank, underneath steps and escalators

East Side

Lloyds TSB cash point

South Side

  down escalator
up escalator
seating, departures screens above

West Side


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