The station is located on the northwest corner of George Square and during the redevelopment is accessible from Dundas Street and North Hannover Street.

Entrances and Exits

There are currently 3 entrances/exits during the redevelopment works:

The Dundas Street Entrance

You enter the station going east.

South Side

West Side, Going North

North Side, Going East

East Side, Going South

The North Hanover Street Entrance

This entrance leads west from a covered forecourt with:

South Side

West Side, Going North

South Side, Going West
West Side

North Side

East Side, Going South

The Entrance to the Low Level

You leave North Hanover Street then turn right into the first building. You enter facing north. This entrance is staffed.

South side

West Side, Going North

north Side, Going East

East Side

Local Buses

The stop for the 398 to Buchanan Bus Station and Glasgow Central Station is on the far side of the pavement outside the North Hanover Street entrance. Leave the station and bear slightly left, up a slight slope.

Local Features

North Side of West George Street, Going West from the Entrance

East Side of dundas Street, Going North

West Side of Dundas Street, Going North

Outside the North Hanover Street Entrance

This is the area between the station forecourt and North Hanover Street that is currently under construction and not accessible to the public. The exit walkway takes you out onto North Hannover Street, with the Millennium Hotel and taxi ranks to the south. The entrance to the Low Level is on the north side of the station exit.

West Side, the Station Building, Going North from the Entrance

North Side
Continuing North

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