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The station is on the northeast side of Torrance Road (northwest/southeast) about 100 metres northwest of West Mains Road (northeast/southwest). This latter is a major road, whilst Torrance Road seemed to be a relatively quiet side street at the time of our survey.

Entrances and Exits

There are three entrances/exits to this station, each giving level access onto the single platform:

Via the Ticket Office

You go into the ticket office, via automatic doors, from Torrance Road facing northeast, the push button is to your left of the doors. The sales window, with variable height counter and induction loop, is to your left, whilst the door to the platform is in front of you, with the push button to your left of the doors. Note that these doors open into the ticket office.

Directly onto the Platform

The gap between the kiosk and ticket office buildings is divided into two sections by a large information board. To your right (southeast) of this board, you'd manoeuvre left then right between barriers before continuing forward onto the platform. The left-hand (northwest) section of this gap leads straight onto the platform.

From the Car Park

There's a gap in the fence, towards the northwest end of the disabled persons parking bays. This leads directly onto the platform, probably beyond the front of the train.

Local Road Crossings

We found no pedestrian controlled crossings during our survey.

There is a level crossing of Torrance Road indicated by tactile paving a few metres northwest of the entrance into the ticket office. Note that there is metal fencing along the kerb to the southeast of this crossing, on each side of Torrance Road, which continues to the junction with West Mains Road.

Local Buses

On the Northwest Side of West Mains Road

Bus Stop 6150989, a few metres northeast of Torrance Road, with no shelter.

There was no information about services at the time of our survey.

On the Southeast Side of West Mains Road

Bus Stop 6150988, a few Metres northeast of the junction with Torrance Road. This bus stop, with shelter, serves:

Local Features

Northeast Side of Torrance Road, Going Northwest

  bike racks on right
metal fence
gap towards kiosk, through left then right barriers, door on right (southeast), can continue northeast onto the platform
station information billboard, including area map
gap leading directly to platform
ticket office building starts
entrance to ticket office
push button for door to ticket office
blank door
dip in pavement with tactile paving, gap for level crossing of Torrance Road, 20 MPH speed limit
building ends
fence continues, taxi rank on left
fence retreats northeast, for covered waiting area for taxis
bike lockers
Torrance Road continues northwest into car park

The disabled persons bays are along the fence on the northeast side of the car park, there's a gap in the fence towards the northwest end of this section of the car park.

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