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Glasgow Queen Street: temporary changes

As part of ongoing work to redevelop Glasgow Queen Street station temporary changes are occurring regularly. If this may affect you, please see the latest updates on our Glasgow Queen Street main page. Most pages in the Queen Street section have been updated in the last 12 months.

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Join TransAccessiMobile

This group is for the information exchange and discussion of all aspects of using all land-based, air-based and water-based modes of public transport including taxis and minicabs, in the UK and abroad. The discussion of wider mobility issues including technical aids i.e. smart phones and GPS systems is also welcome.

The group is primarily, but not exclusively aimed at all those who have reduced mobility for whatever reason and has a particular emphasis on those who have a visual impairment.

Join the group by sending a blank message to

Join the British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB)

A lively community of blind and partially-sighted people who need or can give help on computer and technology related issues. The BCAB web site contains a mass of useful information and the opportunity to join the community.

Modify Text Sizes, Colour and Layout

Stylesheets for low vision: intended for people with some useful sight, but who need the size, layout and colour of text to be changed. This is a quick way of making various Web browsers more cooperative.

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